Handcrafted Quality

   Rock only use the best leather he can purchase, he gets most if not all his leather from Hermann Oak Leather located in St-Louis MO USA, or Wickett-Craig. It is the best by far, the qualities are second to none. 

 At Rock Leather works, he believes that a strong stich begins with a strong thread, that why he only uses wax or natural thread. Lately he been using Vinymo MBT thread.  Did you know NASA used Vinymo MTB thread made from the same people in the Mars probe? He applies beeswax to all his threads before sewing due the fact that beeswax is an excellent natural sealer, it makes the thread even stronger, and it keep the thread in place so as he uses the awl on leather the wax seal the gap between the leather and the thread. He uses approximately 1 pound of all natural, bright yellow, filtered Canadian beeswax a year for his projects. Why, you may ask? well because, it does work and the smell is just “so sweet? The tread is made waterproofed with wax, when he stitches, he uses two thread, (Saddle Stitch) which go into the same hole and as he pulls, the wax goes hot, it will seal together, so water can’t go through.  This is a very particular and very old process.

Rock uses the glue to hold in place the leather before stitching on most of his projects.  For the past eight years he uses CatPaw or Barge glue only.  He used to use Pliobond glue and while it can probably hang a small Chevy block off if it once it's cured, you can't be in the same room with the item for more than a few minutes before you start seeing tiny turkey's with straw hats and midget monkeys coming through the keyholes. The fume just doesn’t seem to ever go away. He quickly learns this one, so no more Pliobond glue in his shop.

Exotic Leather
Whether you opt for a stitched top or inlays, your knife sheaths or any other item will be a unique piece of functional art. Add a touch of exotic with the earthy brown shades of a Texas rattlesnake or, even better a piece of anaconda snake or a nice piece of the Gaspe peninsula salmon skin, yes fish leather is now the new "Snake".

Kangaroo  Laces
​Rock purchase his Kangaroo laces from Knotty Linda from North Saanich British Colombia, Canada, as she is the only Canadian National reseller of kangaroo leather lace in Canada, produced by the prestigious Packer Leather Tannery of Australia. Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest lightweight leathers available today, and he know also first-hand that this leather lace is simply beautiful for braiding.  He now exclusively braids or laces all his projects with purchase kangaroo leather The Kangaroo laces are more expensive then calf lace at a ratio of approx 3:1, but the finish products are remarkable.  This is the best kangaroo leather lace he ever used and he is proud to tell you where he obtains it. 

A little about the Packer Leather Tannery of Australia, they purchase kangaroo skins harvested through Australia’s government licensed harvest program. Only 4 of the 53 species of kangaroos are harvested and the population of these species at last count was in excess of 31 million. Only vegetable tanned kangaroo hide hides are used to cut lace to ensure an excellent finished product that is strong, soft and abrasive resistant. 

You know what they said, where you lace once with the ROO, you will never go back to the MOO…