For information or sales, please click on below link, and Rock will respond to your request within 24 - 48 hrs.
Please ensure that you include your name, any items or work that you are inquiring about and  a phone number and an email address.
The best way to reach him is always by E-Mail with a phone number with area code and he can phone you back.
His business is STRICTLY home based but if you are local or passing by, please feel free to set up an appointment to visit his workshop.  He can measure you for a belt or go over what you may have in mind.

​A lady and her son came to visit his little shop when he was working on the Radio case for Jamestown Fire Dept.  The first thing she said was "Wow, doesn't it smell great in here".  "Gee that really looks hard to do, you must be a real artist" Do you do this all the time. I mean do you make your living this way?"

Now, as far as making a living goes, no he doesn't, he worked a full time job over 60 hours a week.  His work is less artist and much more artisan.  It can be very repetitious.  Try making 5 radio cases and straps a week. So the truth is: the dough is low, the hours long, the work very rewarding, the customers are great and "Wow, doesn't it smell good in here."

** NOTE **

​Rock is thinking about starting  his own line of bags and purses, so if you have an idea in mind, please send him an email with Pictures (under Contact him) and if your idea is approved, you will get the first one made free and he may name it after your name.  As the value of the Canadian dollars keep falling  again against the US dollars, and all his leather supply are provided from the south of the border, His prices will have to raise again but very so slightly as of 1st Jan 2023. 

Please see the note below: 

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Rock Leather Works!

He is booking orders for the week of the​ 15th May 2023 shipment.

​​He is presently fully retired after many years  of Military service.  He located in Grand Falls, NB by the water. You are welcome to come and visit his shop but upon appointment only.

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Handcrafted Quality

Handmade Crafts

Rock will NOT craft anything that is Copyright like the Chevrolet, Ford or Montreal Canadian Crest.  He strongly believe in Copyright.  Also he will not craft you a purse and stamp Coach or Louis Vuitton on it.  If you really, really want a Louis Vuitton purse, please purchase it at a Louis Vuitton store, but if you want a purse crafted by Rock, he will make you one and his crest will be on it.